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NES-companies operates 5 independent companies with 24 offices all around the world, providing them with the strategic guidance and financial security required to be leaders within their respective markets. With a total of 300 employees, the companies together form the NES-companies holding. The various companies in the NES holding have their own identity and conquered their own market position. Thanks to their independence, the companies can respond

quickly and flexible to the specific needs of their customers. Our expertise and deep industry knowledge have allowed us to build trust with companies across multiple vertical industries, throughout the world. Our new worldwide headquarters with combined distribution center is located in Barendrecht, the Netherlands. With a total parcel of 7.400 m², the new location allows us to centralize stock and corresponding activities.

Our Companies

Working in partnership, we apply our operational and financial skills to create value.


CTS offers a wide variety in products for the tank storage industry. The main products are aluminium geodesic domes, aluminium internal floating roofs, floating suction lines, tank seals, tank drain systems and industrial supplies.

Besides the extensive range of products for tank storage, CTS also offers aluminium dome roofs for architectural projects, aluminium dome roofs for waste water projects and aluminium domes for bulk storage projects.

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Gutteling composite hoses

Gutteling is a first class manufacturer of composite hoses. As professionals in the production and supply of composite hoses for hydrocarbons, chemicals and cryogenics, the company invested years of expertise in the development of the right products.

The range of products includes more than 200 different types of composite hoses, from 1" to 12" in length up to 30 meters in length according to the size and type. The hoses and coupling range is covered by type approval certificates according to international standards.

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Nedelko is an importer and distributor of high quality LED lighting, electrical components, identification and safety systems. With the new modern warehouse close to Rotterdam, the company supplies products throughout whole Europe.

Quality products from reputable manufacturers, the continuous innovation, combined with an exquisite inventory system makes Nedelko a strong player in the market for electricians and (electrical) wholesalers.

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With know-how of over 40 years the Conpipe organisation is a world-wide operating group manufacturing carbon steel pipe systems for fluid transportation. The company mainly deliver prefabricated, lined and coated piping for drinking water lines, cooling water lines, water treatment facilities, water disposal lines and fire water lines for chemical, petrochemical, mining and governmental projects.

With international experience, Conpipe is in a position to offer you expertise, efficiency and quality against very competitive prices.

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Van Rooyen machinery

Van Rooyen Machinery produces quality products from metal, non-ferro and plastic materials using CNC universal lathes, classic lathes, specialized presses and sawing machines. The company is specialised for many years in the production of small to large series of hose couplings for internal and external swaging, safety clamps or band clamps on composite, rubber and pvc hoses.

Separate from the standard program, they can also produce according to customer specifications.


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Our offices

We make our collective knowledge, experience and global network available to our clients.

  • 1


    S. Lindhoutstraat 1G, 4691GA, Tholen

    Web: www.conpipe.com
    Tel: +31 166 603 180

  • 2

    CTS Chile

    Av. Apoquindo 5583, oficina 28, piso 2, 758-0012, Santiago

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +562 5802103

  • 3

    CTS Costa Rica

    Residencial Privacia casa 17A, Apartado 1-3006, 40104, San Jose

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +506 22374546

  • 4

    CTS Cuba

    Calle 190, 2111, La Habana

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +53 (0) 72048423

  • 5

    CTS Far East

    Bukit Batok Crescent 25, 658066, Singapore

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +65 (0) 67104650

  • 6

    CTS India

    Door No: 259G, 2nd Floor, Springfield Avenue, 683576, Kavala Karukutty

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +62 (0) 2179195151

  • 7

    CTS Indonesia

    Raya Pasar Minggu 17A, Graha Anugerah Building, 12780, Pancoran Jakarta Selatan

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +91 (0)484-2458601/02

  • 8

    CTS Middle East

    Road No 2731, Manama, Bahrain

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +973 (0) 17297703

  • 9

    CTS Netherlands

    Riga 10, 2993LW, Barendrecht

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +31 (0)180 531 027

  • 10

    CTS Panama

    WTC Calle 53, Piso 1, 0832-0588, Ciudad de Panamá

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +507 205 1671

  • 11

    CTS Peru

    Av. San Jerónimo, 432, , Umacollo - Arequipa

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +51 542 571 95

  • 12

    CTS Romania

    42-44, Bucuresti-Ploiesti street, 013 696, Bucharest

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +40 (0)371 504 915

  • 13

    CTS Singapore

    25 Bukit Batok Crescent #10-04 The Elitist, 658066, Singapore

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +65 67 10 46 50

  • 14

    CTS Spain

    43, Calle Menorca, Polígono Industrial Sud-Oeste, 08192, Barcelona

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +349 37217997

  • 15

    CTS Thailand

    Rama 9 road, 719 KPN Tower, 10310, Huaykwang, Bangkok

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +66 (0) 23190574

  • 16

    CTS United Arab Emirates

    Office No: 2402H, Tamouh Tower, Building 12, Marina Square, Reem Island, , Abu Dhabi

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +971-24170495

  • 17

    CTS Venezuela

    Piso 4, Oficina 4i, 10310, Chacaíto, Caracas

    Web: www.cts.global
    Tel: +58(0) 412 634 3101

  • 18

    Gutteling Netherlands

    Pelsertstraat 9, 3044CH, Rotterdam

    Web: www.gutteling.nl
    Tel: +31 (0)10 208 25 50

  • 19

    Gutteling America

    6702 Willowbrook Park, TX 77066, Houston

    Web: www.gutteling.us
    Tel: +1 281-586-6031

  • 20

    Nedelko Netherlands

    Riga 10, 2993LW, Barendrecht

    Web: www.nedelko.nl
    Tel: +31 (0)180 64 54 00

  • 21

    Nedelko Belgium

    Prins Boudewijnlaan 49, B-2650, Edegem

    Web: www.nedelko.be
    Tel: +32 (0)3 826 99 99

  • 22

    Nedelko Czech Republic

    Purkynova 74/2, 110 00, Prague

    Web: www.nedelko.cz
    Tel: +420 222 563 003

  • 23


    Riga 10, 2993LW, Barendrecht

    Web: www.nes-companies.com
    Tel: +31 (0)180 64 54 00

  • 24

    Van Rooyen

    Pelsertstraat 9, 3044CH, Rotterdam

    Web: www.vrooyen.nl
    Tel: +31 (0)10 208 25 80

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